Becoming A Surrogate In Georgia

Interested in becoming a surrogate mother

Join the IARC family and become a surrogate. We cover Atlanta, Savannah, and Augusta as well as several other cities throughout Georgia

Becoming a surrogate can seem very complicated, but IARC will be your trusted partner throughout the process and support you every step of the way.

All of us here at IARC are so appreciative and excited that you are considering surrogacy! Being a surrogate mom makes it possible for an intended parent who does not have the ability to successfully carry a pregnancy to full term to have a genetically-related child. Your participation in and commitment to this program is invaluable to those parents who, for one reason or another, cannot have a child on their own. At the present time, there have been thousands of babies who have been born as the result of surrogacy arrangements.

Becoming a surrogate requires dedication, sacrifice, and a selfless heart, for you to even consider surrogacy tells us how special you truly are! Please take a moment and review our surrogate requirements below. You can also visit Our Qualifications page for more details.

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Qualifications for becoming a surrogate in Georgia:

– Be between the ages of 21-39 years old

– Be a non-Smoker

– You have carried at least one healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy

– You have no significant history of depression or any other mental health disorders

– You have no criminal history

Compensation for surrogates in Georgia:

At IARC®, our surrogates are able to select their own fee. The typical surrogate mother compensation for first time surrogates is between $25,000 – $30,000, and experienced surrogates generally request an average fee of up to $35,000. It is important, however, for you to evaluate your own situation and motivations in being a surrogate and decide what amount of surrogate compensation will be best for you. This amount could be lower than $25,000 or higher than $30,000, but as you select your fee please take into consideration the financial strain a surrogacy program places on intended parents and balance that with what you need to feel motivated throughout the process.

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Why Use a Surrogacy Agency?

Women considering becoming a surrogate are embarking upon an important and complex journey.  There are countless details that need to be dealt with, and you likely have many questions that need to be answered.

At IARC, our job is to pay attention to all of those details and be available to help you through the entire process. We are here to ensure that the experience is everything you hope it will be. Aside from being a constant guide and resource to you, we make sure that reimbursement for your expenses and payment of your fee is delivered in a timely way. In fact, expenses and fees are given to the agency at the start of the process, ensuring a secure, reliable form of payment to the surrogate.

As a neutral facilitator dedicated to making sure all parties are comfortable and taken care of in the process, we take care of all these aspects and any issues that arise during your surrogacy journey. We are also available to answer questions you may have as you consider becoming a surrogate and throughout your program. Our current and past surrogates are remarkable women, and we are happy to put you in touch with one or more of them so you can learn more about the process from someone who has had that experience

If you would like more details about the advantages of using IARC as your surrogacy agency, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Surrogate Mom

Most women considering surrogate motherhood have quite a few questions, like ‘Will I get to choose the parents with whom I am matched?’, ‘What expenses will be covered by the intended parents?’, ‘Will I need to take any medications?’, and others.  We have answers to many of the more common ones here and are always available to answer additional questions at 763.494-8800.