Comparative Costs of Surrogacy

Comparative Costs of Surrogacy

Reasonable Fees Make it Easier to Become a Parent Through Surrogacy

One of the things we stress at the International Assisted Reproduction Center (IARC) is that both surrogates and ovum/egg donors set their own fees. Because many prospective parents are not wealthy, we urge donors and surrogates to consider the ability of the client to pay compensation. There are other costs involved in any assisted reproduction process, some of which are covered by medical insurance.

Matching Surrogate Candidates For Up To Two Years

At the IARC, we charge a flat fee for the support and management we provide. We establish escrow accounts for parents to pay for surrogates’ expenses. We differ from other agencies in that we have a schedule of payments, rather than requiring prospective parents to pay the entire agency fee in advance. We divide the agency fee into three payments, with the last payment being due after the surrogate becomes pregnant. If the surrogate does not become pregnant, we continue to match parents with surrogate candidates for the next two years.

Keeping Surrogacy Fees Low

We do not require our surrogates to undergo counseling, although it is available if needed. This keeps our fees lower than those at comparable agencies. We also negotiate discounts for travel, pharmaceuticals, and physicians. We use Canadian clinics, where prices are significantly lower. All of these factors allow us to keep our prices reasonable when compared to those at other surrogate agencies in the United States.

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