Fertility Helper Selection

Fertility Helper Selection

At IARC®, our fertility helpers are very carefully selected ovum (egg) donors and surrogates. We are not restricted to a specific state, so our available population is large, ever changing, and not depleted by numerous agencies working in the same geographic area. Most of our fertility helpers are from the Midwestern United States, but our advertising regions are changed regularly to ensure a wide selection of candidates. Our advertising budget is more than adequate; we can attract many applicants, establish strict screening criteria and yet still have a selection of fertility helpers.

Our surrogate screening procedures include mandatory psychological testing, release of prior obstetrical information, criminal background checks, health insurance policy review, medical testing, the completion of an 18-page application, and several interviews with our staff. This process helps to affirm the surrogate’s maturity, emotional stability and her motivations for involvement in the process. Each surrogate learns about her role and responsibilities and becomes a committed member of the fertility program.

Our ovum donor screening procedures include a psychosocial assessment (with a complete psychological screening, if warranted), medical testing, the completion of an 18-page application, and several staff interviews. This process accomplishes the same purposes as the surrogate screening set forth above in terms of ovum donor education and commitment. The majority of our ovum donors wish to remain anonymous.

Because of our careful screening procedures, IARC®’s ovum donors and surrogates have high live birth success rates. However, success rates, while important, are only part of IARC®’s program benefits. Even young and fertile women without fertility problems have varying menstrual patterns and hormonal changes and cannot achieve a pregnancy every month through conventional means. Medical science affords the fertility specialist with some degree of control over hormones, ovulation, and fertilization, but it is not an exact science. Often, more than one factor, including sperm quality and hormonal imbalances, complicate a case. Our program’s excellent success rates are due to many factors. Our donors are young, healthy, and most of them have proven their fertility status by having children of their own. They are well-educated about what to expect in every aspect of our program, including medications, side effects, travel arrangements, and medical procedures. Staff members offer guidance and support to all of our fertility helpers throughout the entire program. We believe that since stress affects all other bodily functions, it is very reasonable to assume that it can impact one’s hormones and/ or reproductive capacity. Our preparation and support help to reduce the level of stress for all involved and maximize your chances for success.

At IARC®, we provide clear summaries of our fertility helpers’ actual applications to clients for their perusal. This summary profile is a compilation of information obtained from the lengthy application that has been completed by the fertility helper. This helps you to develop an honest impression of the fertility helper. You will choose your own ovum donor and/or surrogate. Whether or not you have decided to move forward, you may have ongoing access to our fertility helper files to help you in your decision process.

The profiles include:

  • Family Medical History through 3 generations;
  • Obstetrical history, if applicable;
  • Psychological evaluation, if applicable;
  • Medical insurance summary, if applicable;
  • Educational and vocational history, personal interests and achievements; and
  • Pictures of the fertility helper and her family.