Intro to Ruthie’s 3rd surrogacy journey

Welcome to my third and likely final surrogacy journey. I am Ruthie, a Jersey girl living in Minnesota for the past 12 years, and the lead surrogate coordinator here at IARC. My passion for surrogacy began in 2009 when I experienced a miscarriage and realized right then and there that when I completed my family, I wanted to do all I could to help others create their families. Once I had both my son and my daughter, I was a traditional surrogate in 2011. I decided to do it again in 2014 as a gestational surrogate. It took 2.5 years and 3 embryo transfers, but daddies took home their baby this past February. I said during that pregnancy that I was 95% sure I was done. I began working at IARC in May and through all the talking about the process and telling my stories, I realized I wasn’t yet truly done and I dove back in for a third time. Time will tell if this is truly my last journey, but I will treat it as though it is.

My 2nd IPs are from Israel and my new IPs are from Israel as well. I also had the pleasure of befriending IPs who recently came to Minnesota for the birth of their daughter who were also from Israel. I was not their surrogate for their 2 children, but I still feel like an auntie of sorts and the short time I was with them was very impactful and our friendship came at an important time for all of us. It’s been the most amazing experience creating not just families, but building friendships to last a lifetime with some of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever met from halfway around the world. I will be visiting them all there in February when I fly to Israel and I cannot wait.

 I am not entirely sure what I will blog about. I’ve never been much of a blogger, but I wanted to do something a bit different this time around. I will take you from screening to meds to transfer to tests to prenatal care, bump shots, and ultimately the final days when I likely will feel like a whale. I hope you follow along and I hope for at least one person out there, it changes your perspective on surrogacy, the motives behind it, the passion I live with every day, and how beautiful an international match and friendship can be. As much as I have changed the lives of others, I hope all of these families know it’s really my life that has been forever changed and I am blessed to know them and to call them friends.