Ovum Donation Agency Services

Agency Services for Ovum Donation Programs

IARC® Agrees to Provide the Following Administrative Services for All Programs:

  • Full time staff to organize all aspects of your program;
  • Education of all parties about medical/ legal procedures and requirements;
  • Preparation of legal contracts for the agency, client, and ovum donor;
  • Advertising and screening of ovum donors to provide a wide variety of candidates from diverse geographical areas;
  • Provision of information about available candidates to the client, including family medical history through 3 generations, educational and vocational history, personal interests and achievements, and pictures of the donor and her children;
  • Matching the client with a suitable ovum donor;
  • Organization of medical and psychological testing;
  • Arrangement of mandatory accidental insurance for the ovum donor to provide coverage in case of complications arising from the egg retrieval and to protect you, our clients;
  • Coordination and scheduling of all travel and accommodation arrangements for the ovum donor;
  • Organization of fertility treatments for the donor and client;
  • Liaison between the medical facility and the donor;
  • Assistance with maintaining anonymity between parties, if required;
  • Guidance and support to all parties involved as they progress through each step of the program; and
  • Reasonable attempts to make annual contact with ovum donors to provide an updated medical history to your child(ren), if requested.