Ovum Donation Notice of Insurance

Notice of Insurance Coverage and Recipient Responsibility

IARC® has taken steps on behalf of its clients in need of an ovum donor to assist in minimizing the financial risk of loss which our informed consent/patient contract imposes on the recipient party to such procedures. Our estimated fee schedule attempts to outline the expected recipient cost to obtain viable donated eggs to enhance the probability of conception. Every effort has been taken to make this cost estimate as concise as possible; however, the risk of a complication, while minimal, does exist.  Should a complication arise during the egg retrieval, you, the recipient, are SOLELY responsible for the additional cost incurred for treatment of the complication.

IARC® has secured accident insurance which provides some protection for your risk of loss. The policy provides blanket coverage for all our donors and their recipients and is a mandatory part of IARC®’s services due to the nature of the policy form.

The policy covers the donor and recipient for the following:
Accidental Death Coverage $100,000.00;*
Accidental Paralysis Coverage $100,000.00; * and
Accidental Medical Expense Insurance $250,000;
*(Maximum amount for covered activity(ies).)

The policy excludes coverage for:
Sickness, disease, or infections of any kind, except bacterial or pyogenic infections which result from an injury;
Sexually Transmitted Diseases;
Pregnancy of the Donor or the Recipient;
Mental, nervous, or psychological complications; and
The routine cost of an egg donation procedure.

The cost for this is a one-time payment of $400.00 and is included in the flat-fee option. (Premium is subject to change without notice by the insurance company.) You are free to contact the insurance company directly for more information.

The evidence of this insurance is a master policy certificate issued to IARC®. Please note that our subscription to this plan of insurance is not an assumption of liability on the part of IARC®; rather, we have simply transferred as much of your risk to an insurance company as possible.