Ruthie Is On the Move

It’s been a really rough month for me as I watched my dear uncle in the final stages of brain cancer and we had his funeral this past weekend. I don’t say that to start my post with something sad, but because there is a lesson to be learned from him. He was the example of living life to the absolute fullest. He has been to all 50 states and almost 100 countries. He was a fixer and a doer and he was a true inspiration for living in the moment. Life is too short so reach for the stars, make new dreams, and always work to better yourself. That’s what he did. What are your goals and what are you putting off that you could be starting today? If he were here today, he’d be asking us what we were waiting for. For me, this week, it was about getting moving and getting back to what I love. What do I love? Singing and dancing. Pretty simple. I love doing it at the same time even.

Many women can attest that one of the hardest things about pregnancy and delivery is the weight loss after. I decided to do a third journey only a few months after I last delivered.  I am a good 20+ pounds from where I was before I started my 2nd journey, and sadly I can’t just blame pregnancy for all of it. I have multiple jobs right now and I mostly sit doing them all……or at least used to! At IARC, where I spend most of my days, I got an elevated stand to put my monitors and keyboard up higher so I can work standing up and occasionally dance (only been caught a few times so far!). I also have a yoga ball, simply fit board, music, and pure desire.

So many people make excuses for not doing one thing or another and I try to never do that. It would be easy to say because I work more hours than anyone I know, that it’s an excuse for me not getting at least 10,000 steps a day. It’s only halfway through my day on Friday, but since Monday I’m at 49,000 steps so far. A far cry from when I used to do 30,000 a day every single day, but I am on the move and I am not stopping. I am not doing this simply for the pounds leading to transfer. When I am moving, I feel better all over and it changes me inside and out. I plan to walk and dance my way through every day for the next year. Heck, I was 9 months pregnant, overdue, and still did more than 5 miles one day back in February so I got this!

I go in for my medical screening on Monday in San Diego so transfer is not far behind. I’m excited for that, the transfer itself, getting to know my IP’s more, and so many other great things that lie ahead in my future. I don’t know what kind of weight loss I may achieve or what goals I will be obtaining in the next few months, or how many times I will get knocked down in the process. I do know I am striving to be the best I can be in every aspect of my life and that’s all I can do. Thank you uncle Jerry for touching so many lives and for especially touching mine. I’m not making excuses. I am back, better than ever, and stronger than ever. I am on the move!  If anyone reading this is in need of an exercise partner, someone to hold you accountable, or someone to compete with on Fitbit, I am here. (

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ~Vivian Greene