Ruthie Update!

Admittedly I have been pretty busy lately so I apologize for the lack of an update. My last update I was about to go to San Diego the following week for screening. Well everything went well with that and we finished contracts and we are now about to transfer. I am also still rocking my Fitbit challenges and waiting for more to join me! I am averaging 20,000 steps a day during the workweek (M-F) and about 15,000 a day overall for the week. Still not my old 30,000 a day but I tell you I am feeling so good mentally and physically these days and that was always the main goal.

So as far as a surrogacy update, assuming my final lining check goes well on Thursday, we are set for the embryo transfer next Tuesday the 14th!  My lining check last week was a 14mm for lining! I was drinking pom juice from day 3 and 14mm is more than I’ve been for any of my other 3 cycles so maybe something in the juice? Haha! Worth a shot I say. This last journey is going very quickly so far, but I think that’s a good thing so I don’t have time to over think any part of the process. I start PIO shots Friday and definitely one of my least favorite parts of the process. I feel lucky though that I don’t have all the other shots that some have (ahem Tina lol!)

I’ll try to be better about updating from this point on. After all I have about 80 pregnancy tests of at least 4 brands so I’ll be doing many after the transfer and will have plenty to share at some point in the near future if it’s positive. First I need to get through the lining check on Thursday and make sure everything’s a go for next week. I know it should have hit me sooner, but it really hit me in the last week or two that this is really happening and I’m just so excited I decided to do this again and so excited to hopefully give my IPs their baby or babies come next summer. Until next time……..get dancing and get a Fitbit 😉