Surrogacy for Non Traditional Families

Surrogacy for Non-Traditional Families

Surrogacy for All Types of Families

Surrogacy is an option for all types of families seeking to bring children into their lives. At the International Assisted Reproduction Center (IARC), we help any kind of family grow through surrogacy. Our in-house attorney, Steven H. Snyder, will ensure that whatever option you choose is legal in the state where you live. He has lectured on issues related to surrogacy to lesbian and gay parenting groups and other organizations. Because state law covering non-traditional families varies, it is important to consult a knowledgeable attorney about the options in your state.

Legal considerations for unmarried couples interested in surrogacy

In addition to married couples, our surrogacy clients include unmarried couples, same sex couples of either gender, and single men and women. The legal issues associated with this form of surrogacy are usually related to whether the state allows adoption by unmarried or same sex couples or by single women or men. However, other fertility law matters that may require an attorney’s counsel. For example, what names can be listed on the birth certificate vary from state to state. The requirements and legality of co-parenting agreements also vary. These agreements can protect the couple and the child in states where adoption is not possible. In all instances, we educate clients about the legal possibilities of expanding your family.

Health insurance is an issue in some states

Health insurance is another complication for gay parents and unmarried couples. A legal determination of paternity or maternity before the birth of the child may be needed for health insurance to cover expenses associated with the use of a surrogate. Again, consult a legal adviser familiar with the requirements for surrogacy in all states.

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