Surrogacy Medications and Potential Side Effects

Medications and Potential Side Effects

The fertility medications that you will be taking are all very safe. However, there are some minor side effects that women often experiece.

  • ESTRACE: These are synthetic estrogen tablets. The purpose of these tablets is to thicken your endometrial lining in preparation for the embryo transfer. Side effects include nausea, breast tenderness, and a sensation of water retention. If you experience any calf or leg numbness, chest pain, visual disturbances or shortness of breath, notify your doctor. These latter side effects are exceedingly uncommon.
  • PROGESTERONE: This medication can be administered as an vaginal suppository, oral medication, or intra-muscular injection. Progesterone is the natural hormone your body produces to maintain a pregnancy. Following an embryo transfer (or occasionally artificial insemination), doctors prescribe these medications to increase or help support your own progesterone to assist in maintaining an early pregnancy. You may experience some vaginal irritation similar to symptoms of a yeast infection if you are using the vaginal suppositories. Common side effects include nausea or breast tenderness with any of the preparations.