Surrogacy Process

Getting Started

To get started, click here to fill out our online initial inquiry form. Once you complete this form, our surrogate coordinators will be in contact with you within 1 business day to set up an initial phone call. During this call, we will go over the surrogacy process for IARC and what the screening entails as well as answer any questions you may have about becoming a surrogate.


After the initial phone call, you will be sent an application to fill out along with several documents we will need to complete your screening process. These documents include the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Passport (if applicable)
  • Photos of you and your family
  • A copy of your full insurance booklet
  • Copy of your insurance card (front and back)
  • A Clearance Letter from your physician
  • A Release of Information form to obtain records

Screening Process

The following steps will be completed during your screening process:

  • Pregnancy and delivery records and health history review
  • Insurance review
  • Criminal Background check
  • Psychological evaluation

Matching Process

The matching process with IARC works in a way that both you and the intended parents mutually select each other. The first step in the matching process is providing your profile to intended parents who might be a good fit for you. If the intended parents are interested in you based on your profile, we will then send you their autobiography and pictures. If you are also interested in them as a potential match, we will set up a telephone call between you and the intended parents that will be facilitated by a matching coordinator. Most surrogates and intended parents are able to determine whether it will be a suitable match based on the matching call. You are welcome to ask questions upon receiving the profile, during the call, and even after the call. It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page.


The contract is very detailed and includes all aspects of your program so that everyone will have clear expectations moving forward. You will do a complete independent review of the contract with an attorney. The Matching Coordinator can provide you with a list of attorneys in your state who are experienced at reviewing surrogacy contracts. Once the finalized draft of the contract is signed by all parties, we will proceed with the medical portions of your program.

Medical Screening & Protocol

Each fertility clinic has their own requirements and protocols. Typically you will travel to the intended parent’s fertility clinic for an exam and bloodwork. The physician will also explain the medications and embryo transfer protocol and plan. Once you have started the medications, you will also have ultrasounds and bloodwork done at a clinic local to you to monitor your levels and progress.

Embryo Transfer

For the embryo transfer, you will be required to travel to the intended parents’ fertility clinic. All of your travel accommodations will be organized by your program coordinator. The procedure itself is non-invasive and most women do not feel a thing. After the transfer you will be given instructions and precautions to take afterwards. You will then complete a blood pregnancy test at a local clinic 5-10 days after transfer.


If the pregnancy test is positive, you will be scheduled for an ultrasound around 7 weeks to detect the heartbeat. At around 10-12 weeks gestation, depending on the fertility clinic, you will wean from the medications and be released to you own doctor for the remainder of the pregnancy and prenatal appointments.

IARC will be with you every step of the way to make sure your journey is running smoothly and to help answer any questions you may have. This is an incredible experience for everyone involved and we truly appreciate your willingness to give this amazing gift to another family.