Surrogacy Program Costs

Surrogacy Program Costs and Payment Options

Major variables in the cost of a program include the surrogate’s fee, medical insurance out-of-pocket expense requirements, and wages as well as your fertility clinic selection.  These are controllable cost factors, and we will guide you through these decision-making stages to ensure you make decisions that fit with your budget (surrogate only: $62,000-107,000, surrogate/donor combination: $72,000-133,000). Depending on the actual costs for your selected surrogate, fertility clinic, and attorney, the overall cost could be less or more than this estimated amount. The following is a summary of various aspects of the Surrogacy Program and their estimated costs. To arrive at the likely cost of your individual program, it will be necessary to discuss your program in detail with Mr. Snyder or another IARC® staff member.

Surrogate Reimbursement

Surrogate reimbursement for her gestational services is $13,000 to $25,000 (negotiable with surrogate).

Surrogate reimbursement in the case of a multiple birth/c-section: an additional $2,500 (negotiable with surrogate).

Surrogate Program Expenses

(All expenses are estimated and may be higher or lower. Which expenses will apply will depend on your negotiations with and the needs of your selected surrogate.)

Fertility Helper Advertising Expense$500 (This is an additional charge applied to every program.)
Surrogate’s Psychological Evaluation Expense$500 (This is paid immediately when you sign an agreement with any new surrogate.)
Medical Insurance Premium$300 to $650/mo. (Unnecessary if surrogate has sufficient existing insurance.)
Life insurance policy for surrogate after a confirmed pregnancy$600 annual premium (Unnecessary if the surrogate has sufficient existing insurance.)
Complications insurance for surrogate$200/per medicated cycle
Maternity Clothing allowance$500 singleton/$750 multiples
Communication-monthly charge for postage/long distance telephoneVariable (Actual expense.)
Lost wages during pregnancy (based on medical necessity)Actual wages lost. The surrogate will provide a reasonable proof of total earnings and lost wages.
Surrogate’s psychological counseling (at her request)If required (Maximum negotiated with surrogate.)
Surrogate’s independent lawyer’s review of contracts/drafting of guardianship documents$1,200
Maternity costs for doctor, delivery, pre-natal care and post-natal careAll costs not covered by or declined by surrogate’s insurance


Medical Expenses*

Fertility Medications for one IVF cycle$1,500 – $2,500
Costs for IVF procedure, including Physician$5,500 – $10,000
Fertility medications for surrogate per transfer$600/cycle (approximative fee)
Sperm Preparation (if required)$200 to $400/cycle
ICSI (if required for men with poor sperm quality/quantity)$1000
Assisted hatching (if required)*$500
Surrogate medical testing (updated periodically)$500 to $800/session
Frozen embryo transfers$750 – $2,500
Blastocyst Culturing (200 cell embryos)$500


* Costs of fertility treatment at representative consulting facilities. If you use a fertility center of your choice, these fees may change.

Legal Expenses*

Attorney fees for parentage proceedings prior to or after birth$2,000 to $10,000 (Widely variable depending on state in which your surrogate delivers.)
Court fees and costs$500 to $800
Independent review of the contract:$1,200
Legal Fees:$2,000-$10,000


* Depend on state of legal proceedings.

Agency Program Administration Fees*

When signing up for the program$9,000
When matched with a surrogate$6,000
After the first successful trimester of pregnancy$6,000


*The agency fee covers all surrogate program administration and matching of unlimited successive surrogates, if necessary, until two years have passed since the date of the first medical procedure (retrieval/implantation), as long as your case remains active. All fees are non-refundable.

Payment Options

You may make payments to IARC® credit card or wire transfer.

Please contact us for wire transfer information when you are ready to start your program.

Please receive a written confirmation of your wire transfer from your bank and fax it to IARC®’s Accounting Department immediately whenever a wire transfer is made.

Fax: 763.201.1410

Please Note: Wire transfer of funds can take up to 7 days.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Service charges apply. Please provide the name as it appears on the card, account number, and expiration date.