Surrogacy Timeline

Timeline For Surrogacy Program

The timeline for matching a surrogate once you sign up with our agency will depend on what criteria you have for a surrogate candidate and what our surrogate pool looks like at that time. We are constantly screening new surrogate candidates in order to maintain a pool of qualified candidates from which you can choose. Before any fertility treatments are started, you must select a surrogate, negotiate and execute an agreement with her, and complete medical testing. This will take an average of 3-4 months. The fertility treatments themselves will take another 2 months. Depending on the success of the fertility treatments, you may achieve a pregnancy within 6-9 months. If multiple attempts and/or surrogates are required, it could take much longer.

It is important to remember that every surrogacy program is unique. IARC’s staff will help you at each step of the way to help ensure a smooth progression.