To all potential surrogates

Surrogacy is an act of love and giving that cannot be compensated by anything. If you are planning to be a surrogate, you are volunteering a great deal of time and bodily changes to help a needy couple get a baby; the effects of which will last you a lifetime. Our experienced and helpful staff can help you prepare for what to expect.

Our program is unique

IARC is only concerned with the health and comfort of the baby, the surrogates and the intended parents. Everything else comes second. That is why we have qualified staff who coordinate individual programs tailored around you. Moreover, weprovide you with the best in technology and the latest in assisted reproduction.

Selecting a surrogacy agency

Whether you are thinking of being a surrogate or considering surrogacy to complete your family, you must pick your agency carefully. You need to know their history, services, transparency in services, medical facilities and understand how they process. At IARC, we will walk you through our transparent services and let you decide.