Tina’s Updates!!

There has been so much happening lately and I have failed to update you all with the latest, and greatest!

I did have my transfer back on October 18th!  Wow, what an amazing experience that was.  I honestly had no idea what to expect, but let me tell you fear wasn’t anywhere apart of my expectations.  The staff at ORM were simply amazing and walked me through the entire process, the procedure itself took less than 10 mins and I was back in my room resting for the next hour before going back to the hotel.  We transferred two little embryos, one boy and one girl.


I spent the next few days in the hotel resting.  I thought it would have been so dreamy being on bed rest in a hotel away from my kids and responsibilities, but nope!  I was bored out of my mind!!  I’m so use to chaos and kids running around everywhere that I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with myself in silence.

After the transfer my life resumed back to normal and while I still took it easy, I was busy unpacking from our move the week before the transfer, back to work catching up on what I had missed while away and back to running the kids to sports, to this event, or that birthday party!!  My co-worker, Ruthie, was constantly in my ear telling me to POAS (pee on a stick).  I knew that my intended parents didn’t want to know the results if I did test early, so that made it very hard for me.  When it comes to exciting things like this, I MUST KNOW!!  So of course I started testing early.  3 days post a 5 day transfer I was getting negative results….not to worry because it was only 3 days after…..but on day 4 I started seeing positive tests!!!  Words cannot even begin to describe how I was feeling, I kept thinking about the intended parents and how badly I wanted to share this wonderful news with them.  My first beta was coming up and I knew that’s when they wanted to know.  So how to avoid them for the next week??  It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure.  They were sneaky to and tricked me into almost letting it slip.  I had my first beta test on October 27th.  I was so eager for the results, when they came I couldn’t wait to tell the intended parents!!  Anything over 100 was what we were wishing for and my first numbers were 293!!!!  Wahoo that meant I could share my positive pregnancy test with them.  We were all so overjoyed.  Even the staff at IARC who all tried to guess what my numbers would be were just as happy.  My second and third beta kept going up like they were supposed to, 1242 & 2830, and my heart has never been so happy.  

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks anxiously waiting for my upcoming ultrasound appointment on November 15th.  How to fill the time…..well fortunately pregnancy symptoms have helped with the passing of the time.  I have been so tired lately, it’s hard to keep my eyes open, I crash hard at night and really dislike my alarm in the morning more than I ever have before.  I had been feeling a little nauseous, now I am actually experiencing morning sickness.  I am still able to keep food down, but that’s if I’m lucky enough to be able to stomach the thought of food.  No one ever said pregnancy was easy, but the end result is worth every bit of what we endure for a short time just to see the look on the parent’s faces when they are handed their little bundle.

Until next time ~ Tina