Why Use A Private Agency

Why Use A Private Agency Rather Than A Medical Clinic?

The Benefits of a Private Agency

An agency, such as the International Assisted Reproduction Center (IARC), offers intended parents several advantages over programs based in medical clinics or surrogates who advertise online. The primary benefit is that agencies offer all the services available through medical clinics and many more. Agencies are dedicated to taking care of all issues that arise. We do not focus solely on the medical aspects of assisted reproduction. An agency such as IARC provides the education, legal, and support services parents need as they seek to add to their family.

An agency has the experience and resources to handle all possibilities

An agency is able to handle all matters that arise during a surrogacy or ovum/egg donation process. We give parents many options, something that neither a medical clinic nor an independent surrogate can provide. If parents need a surrogate, but do not require an ovum/egg donor or a sperm donor, IARC can help. If parents need an ovum/egg donor and a surrogate, we can help. If you require a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), we can connect you with needed testing. We match clients with medical clinics that meet their needs and their financial situation. Because an agency like IARC handles all aspects of assisted reproduction, we have the resources and information to deal with any contingency.

Benefits of using an agency for traditional surrogacy

Parents considering using a surrogate have two options: use an independent surrogate or work with an agency. An agency provides parents with a reliable and stress-free way to identify and contract with a surrogate. At the IARC, surrogates complete a three-generational health, educational, and social history. This gives parents far more information than they might otherwise receive. An agency handles all the legal aspects of working with a surrogate. An agency offers support and resources not available with an independent arrangement between a surrogate and parents. This minimizes the risk and improves the chances of a successful outcome.

Benefits of using an agency for ovum / egg donation

Most medical clinics have in-house ovum/egg donors. This means that parents are limited to the donors available at one particular clinic. An agency has a far wider range of ovum/egg donors available. At IARC we provide parents with the most recent three-generational health and social history as well as current pictures of the donor and her children.

Clinics are often limited in the assisted reproduction technologies they provide. An agency like IARC can connect parents with the clinic that offers the specific procedures they need, rather than limiting them to only those services provided by that clinic. However, one of the most important reasons to use an independent agency rather than a medical clinic is often unspoken. People seeking to build a family usually first try a medical approach to fertility problems. Because these medical efforts may last many years without producing a child, parents may have little confidence in the medical establishment. We understand the reluctance of potential parents to engage in an exclusively medical process yet again. We use pre-screened clinics known to be sensitive to the frustrations that many parents feel after an encounter with a medical clinic fertility program.

Comprehensive services and fees for surrogacy and ovum / egg donation

Whether you need to connect with a surrogate or an ovum/egg donor, our agency provides comprehensive support and advocacy as well as flexible programs that adapt to the needs of clients, surrogates, and donors. Our agency fees are also comprehensive, covering all aspects of the program. There are no add-ons or separate fees that are charged by a medical clinic or an independent surrogate.

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