Why You Should Work With Us

The IARC Advantage

People seeking to learn more about assisted reproduction often ask why they should use our agency rather than another. When they make such inquiries, they are simply performing needed due diligence prior to making a life changing decision. Using an assisted reproduction agency is a big step as you try to expand your family. At the International Assisted Reproduction Center (IARC), we welcome such inquiries, and are glad to describe the advantages of working with us.

A few of the benefits of working with the IARC include:

  • Cost effective programs that cover many items and services not generally included in other agencies’ plans, including successive matching with additional surrogates if your initial surrogate is unsuccessful for any reason, drafting and negotiation of the surrogacy agreement, establishment of all necessary financial and escrow accounts and monthly statements thereon, all at no additional charge, unlike other agency fee structures. In addition, our agency fee is paid in three separate installments as your program becomes successful, with the last installment not due or payable unless or until your selected surrogate has successfully completed the first trimester of your pregnancy.
  • Comprehensive and personalized services that coordinate all legal, medical, insurance, emotional, and educational aspects of the process.
  • Experienced staff with more than 1,000 successful ovum/egg donor and surrogate births.
  • Multilingual staff speaking English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Attorney-director who personally prepares and reviews your surrogacy contract and other legal documents, all of which is included in the all-inclusive fee
  • Excellent success rate, with carefully and fully pre-screened surrogates and ovum/egg donors
  • Payment plan to reduce the cost impact on families

Our director, Steve Snyder, has been key in changing the law related to assisted reproduction; he has lobbied the Minnesota legislature and authored articles on the legal aspects of this topic. He also is an international speaker and leader of workshops on subjects from the ethical issues surrounding ovum/egg donation to drafting contracts and letters of agreement that stand the test of time.

To learn more about our agency, contact the office of the IARC at 763.494.8800.